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April 07, 2006


This was recently posted as a comment to an earlier podcast, but really belongs here (and I don't know how to move it).


Hi Dan and Jonathan,

The Blue Box Podcast #22 on the SIP Security for VOIP presented a concise "picture worth 1000 words" of the various drafts on SIP security that could be overwhelming to read and understand. The slides provided an excellent reference to what was being talked about.

Would like more such Podcasts where there are visuals (like Powerpoint) that go with the Podcast.

Thanks for all your excellent efforts.


I will be attending N+I and will participate in a VoIP security panel, so I will be happy to provide a summary of what I find there.

FYI, during the meeting we determined that the Diffie-Hellman modes are, in fact, secure with forking. However the slides at the IETF website, which are what I presented at the IETF meeting, indicate the Diffie-Hellman modes are insecure with forking. Please make mental adjustments on this point.

Hello -

Just wanted to say that the section with Dan Wing on VoIP SIP security was very helpful and informative.

Keep up the good work!

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