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October 24, 2006


Hello Dan and Jonathan,

Congrats on completing a very productive first year. Thanks to your efforts, we as a community, and I personally, have learnt a lot on the VOIP Security and you kept us up-to-date on the latest happenings.

The recent special editions have great content and discussion, especially, Blue Box SE #10: Interview with Gary Miliefsky of Netclarity and Blue Box SE #12: "Intro to VoIP Security" panel at Internet Telephony Fall 2006. Thanks for providing us "free tickets" to parts of that conference and making us "virtual" audience to that panel discussion (on VOIP security by Ken Camp et al). A big "Thank you" to Rich Tehrani as well. We would love more such special editions (panel discussions and perspectives from industry leaders).

The format of presenting standalone special editions is better than sandwiching an interview or topic in a regular episode. It keeps the focus on the specific topic being discussed.

Appreciate all the time and effort you put in.


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